Documentation – Halls and promoters

Look into and send requests

Through the page ‘Dashboard’ you can look at all the outstanding (and expired) requests. Click on an artists name to see the details and answer a request. You can choose from one of these options for every date:


  • Available
  • Second pencil
  • Third pencil
  • Fourth pencil
  • Confirmed
  • Not available


Are you not interested in an artist? Choose the option ‘no thanks’ and the request will immediately be turned down.
It’s possible at any given moment to add another hall to the request if it’s available through the button ‘Add hall’.

Hold a date

As soon as you have passed on the availability of a request, you can ask the booker to hold the date. These requests can be found on your Dashboard under ‘Requests pending confirmation’. You can choose one of these options per date:


  • Held
  • Second pencil
  • Third pencil
  • Fourth pencil
  • Denied

Put artists on wishlist

Every booker or agent can put artists on his roster. These can then be found through the ‘Wishlist’ menu. Are you interested in an artist? Put these on your own wishlist by clicking on the heart. The one who gave up the artist will see this and can take action from there on by sending a request for dates for example.

Manage e-mail preferences

Through the ‘Profile’ menu you can choose from whom you want to receive e-mails. Click ‘edit settings’ to choose per booker/agent if you want to receive e-mails. You can also choose if you want to receive e-mails directly or as a daily summary.

Add and remove halls

Through the ‘Profile’ menu you can easily add and edit halls or put them on non-active. Choose ‘edit settings’ and open the ‘Halls’ menu to do this. You can pass on the name, capacity and status for every hall.

Add new users

Through the ‘Profile’ menu you can add new users. Go to ‘edit settings’ and open ‘Users’. A newly added user will automatically receive an e-mail with instructions on how to activate their account.