Documentation – Bookers and agents

Create a new request

By clicking the ‘New request’ button you can offer a new request for availabilities. Choose an artist, fill in the desirable dates, pick one or more halls, possibly fill in the note and fill in a date on which the request ends.

All the chosen halls will get a message to pass on their availabilities.

Look into availability

When clicking on the name of an artist you will automatically land on the detail page of the request. You will see a chart with the available dates for the halls in the overview. The request can be edited on any given moment by clicking ‘Edit request’ in the menu.

Send a request to hold dates

You can ask a hall to hold a date for you as soon as they have passed on their availability. Select one of the dates and click the ‘Request hold’ button. The hall will get a notification to hold that date.

If you want to release a date, simply click ‘release’.

Export the list of availability

You can make a PDF file of all the dates at any given moment. Click on ‘Export avails’ in the menu and a PDF file of all the dates and halls will be made.

Put an artist on your roster

Through the ‘Active Roster’ menu you can give up artists to be on your roster. With the ‘Add artist’ button you can add a new artist who is available or coming. Every hall can put said artist on their wishlist. On the detail page you can see in a glance which halls put this artist on their wishlist.

Look into the wishlist of halls

Through the ‘Venues’ menu you can see all the halls that have an Orko-account. Click on the name of a hall to see which artists they put on their wishlist.