Book faster

Check the available dates for halls and artists quickly and easily.

Save time

Thanks to Orko, e-mailing back and forth endlessly isn’t necessary anymore.

Get insight

Orko provides a clear overview of supply and demand for halls and artists.

Orko is here to help

Orko makes the job of bookers, agents, promoters and programmers a whole lot easier. Orko makes it easy to align the available dates of artists and halls. This makes it faster and more efficient to book shows.

Convenience for everyone

We found the booking of artists and halls to be too time-consuming and inefficient. Orko makes it easier for all parties involved to work together quickly and convenient. Halls can see which artists are available. Bookers can see the halls available. This makes the booking of shows faster and easier.

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Orko is free to use until 1st July 2018.

  • Halls and promoters

  • $0/mo
    • Look into the active roster of bookers and agents
    • Put artists on your wishlist
    • Pass on availabilities quickly
    • Free support

  • Bookers and agents

  • 199/maand
    • Request holds and availabilities quickly
    • Put artists on an active roster
    • Work together with halls and festivals more efficiently
    • Free support

  • Festivals

  • 199/maand
    • Look into the active roster of bookers and agents
    • Put artists on wishlist
    • Free support

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